Something about the way her voice tangles through the music bed reminds me of the many tapestries of music found in Ireland, America, England and more – Nolan made me a fan. I was transformed by the moving sound, much like the soundtrack to a Ken Burns documentary or the rugged West. These are the songs that never die; they live in the generations after generations of music fans that carry on these traditional hymn-like songs. Nolan is the latest to carry the torch. Her light shines brightly. ” - Anne Hollister

The Indie Source

Her cadence is as soft as a flickering candle. Her lyricism heartfelt and masterful at storytelling.” - Michael Stover

Music Existence

Nolan’s voice isn’t necessarily your typical country or Americana female voice, with a much raspier tone and seemingly a wider range. ” - Ewan Lury

Americana UK